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    • Оценител на диаманти Нури Димитрова


    Nuri Dimitrova receives her world qualification as expert evaluator of diamonds – raw diamonds by the Ramat Gan Gemological Institute in Israel. She has an additional specialization from the University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski” in diagnostics and evaluation of processed and unprocessed coloured gemstone minerals. She studies it so that she can meet completely the needs of her clients who frequently contact her for a consultation regarding a jewel in which there is a combination of precious stones – diamonds + other colourful gemstones (sapphire, ruby, emerald, pearls, etc.) Nuri Dimitrova is the founder and owner of NURI DIAMONDS, one of the few licensed laboratories in Bulgaria which receives every week a paid report with prices from the diamond bourse in New York of which NURI DIAMONDS is a member.

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    More questions to ask your expert evaluator:

    1. What equipment do you possess and what are you going to use for the evaluation of my jewel?
    2. What type of light conditions are you going to use for the analysis of my jewel? (Between 5000 and 5500 Calvin is the best lighting in which precious stones are examined)
    3. Who bears the responsibility if anything happens to the jewel while it is entrusted to you?
    4. What are your fees?
    5. On what basis do you calculate your fees? (the fee should never be based on the basis of a percentage of the value of the diamond.)
    6. Will you attach colour photos to my evaluation certificate?
    7. Are you willing to defend the evaluation before the law, if needed?